Vinix Live!
A Smarter Way To Meet

Vinix Meet is a video conference call application that brings you to the forefront of this modern internet age. Experience next generation video conferencing with high quality video, rich audio, and a fast Internet connection.

Work From Home

Powered by the cloud, Vinix Meet makes it easy to hold your own video conference meetings with other users around the world.
All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to start a meeting with colleagues, friends, family members or anyone else you want to meet. Vinix Live! is also embeeded inside of Vinix Blast to allow for seemless video conferences on the fly.

Ability to call in or invite

Vinix Live! is designed to make it easy for you to invites people from anywhere. No download
required, we use the latest technology which allows anyone to connect with a web browser
found on any computer or mobile device. It’s easy!

Screen Sharing

Vinix Live! provides Screen Sharing in a single technology, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and supporting multiple platforms. It is cost effective, scalable, and user friendly..

One to One Video Calls

The Vinix Live! provides the best video conference and one on one video calls experience. It's a great tool for sharing ideas and making decisions.


Virtual Group Text

Need to send over a question, website link, phone number or any other documented text? Vinix Live! provides a chat section allowing real-time chat during a video/audio conference.


Host Virtual Events

Vinix Live! provides you with all the tools to host virtual events on your Desktop or Mobile. Video conferencing has never been this easy!]

Our Features

The Vinix Platform gives you everything you need to grow your business
Your content. Your community. On any device. Anywhere in the world
HD Audio & Video Conference
Vinix Live! provides a cutting edge HD Audio & Video conferencing solution that is able to connect your team fast, seamlessly and with utmost simplicity.

Team Messaging

Vinix Live! is a complete video conferencing and team messaging solution that delivers everything you need to successfully run your business: Meetings, conferences, training and demos.

Meeting Types
Vinix Live! is an all-in-one video conferencing tool that allows you to run meetings, trainings, conferences, and demos in a simple, fast way.
Collaboration Tools
Vinix Live! is the perfect tool to help you connect with your team. It makes video conferencing, web conferencing, and live chat fast and easy-no matter where they are.

Share Your Screen

Communication has never been easier with Vinix Live!, which allows you to stream your computer screen to any mobile device or computer across the Internet.

Join From Anywhere
Vinix Live! allows you and your participants to join from any modern web browser, Vinix Blast, or embeeded into your software.