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Vinix is a complete cloud-based solution for businesses that want to communicate faster, easier and more effectively.

Team Collaboration
with Vinix Blast

All-in-one secure chat and voice & video calling. Within your organization and outside with your clients. From in the office or remote halfway across the globe. Always have connectivity to your business ecosystem.

Developers and
App Integration

Build & connect using voice, video, messaging and security with our REST API, webhooks and websockets for connecting your new and existing applications!

Thousands Of Customers Love Vinix Worldwide

Dedicated Business Voice on a Global Network

Vinix provides the most reliable, scalable, cost effective global network infrastructure for VoIP phone systems and solutions. You are able to communicate with people and organizations worldwide quickly, securely and with reliable call quality – wherever they are.
The Vinix platform allows you to combine our services to give you the perfect solution. At Vinix, we always look for new ways to improve your business workflow. We can help with your unified communications, customer care handling, text messaging, team collaboration, voice integrations, and workflow management.

Vinix Business Cloud Phone Service

Vinix is an industry leader in VoIP technology and telephone services. We’re a global provider of communications solutions for businesses around the world. Our experts use analytics and technology to create optimized solutions for your business, no matter where you are. We customize your VoIP solutions to meet your needs, and our global network ensures reliable and available communication anytime, anywhere.

Discover Our Application

At Vinix, our team has empowered businesses to communicate with their customers and vendors for decades. We deliver a full range of applications and services to meet your unique needs. We can provide you with a complete solution or customize one of our popular components to meet your requirements. Discover how we can help your business grow today.
Vinix Analytics App

The Vinix Analytics App is a single solution to monitor your business communications.

With real-time call analytics, you can view detailed information on all the calls, their duration, and contacts. You can also retrieve customer contact information, which you can use for future sales calls or customer follow-ups. Vinix allows you to track inbound and outbound calls so that you can improve your marketing campaigns accordingly. The app also allows you to store related conversations' details so you can review them whenever needed.

Vinix Call Center App

Vinix Call Center is designed to help you create more effective customer service teams that deliver better results. It's the perfect solution for any business stage or size, delivering ease of use and advanced features.

It gives you the tools to distribute incoming call handling, monitor performance, and find the best agents for each role. Vinix also delivers reports and analytics on agent performance so you can optimize contact center processes.

Vinix Smart PBX App

With the Vinix Smart PBX app, you'll be able to see every office phone system and service in your network. The app allows you to manage your office telephone system and services, telephone numbers, and conference calls. Providing all of the features and functionality companies expect from an enterprise phone system, whether for one office or hundreds. Our intuitive interface and workflow will help you manage even the most challenging calls quickly and efficiently.

Vinix Voicemail Manager App

The Voicemail Manager application makes it easy to manage your voicemails, with a clear overview of all your users' voicemails. You can delete, store, and archive voicemails with a simple click, giving you more control over your company's voicemail system.

AWS & Google Connector App

The AWS & Google Connector App makes it simple to store files in AWS S3 or Google storage services. This makes it easier for you to manage your recorded data, such as phone calls, voicemails, faxes, call recordings, etc.

The AWS & Google Connector App allows you to store your data in both AWS and Google storage services. This will allow your company to save sensitive data on a cloud storage service you own and control.

Smarter Vinix Hardware

Vinix provides businesses with top-notch VoIP phone services and hardware, delivering unmatched communication solutions over traditional phone systems. At Vinix, we’re constantly innovating to provide businesses with the best solution for their communications needs. From video and voice calls to messaging collaboration and security devices, we have the right solution for your business and budget.

A Business Telecom Provider Like No Other

Delivering the latest in business telephone service technology with dedicated customer service

"Great Staff"
This was just the phone system we were looking for to handle our heavy call traffic, especially during the holiday season. Great staff, knowledgeable and kind.

Tom Dowd President • Watermil / 1-800-Flowers
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Highly recommend!"
Complete deployement up and running in a single day is a productivity achievement that really added efficiency to our opening of several new offices

Jonas Klein COO • Exclusive Charter Service
- US (CA, NY, FL) - UK - NL - AU - UAE

Complete deployment up and running in a single day is a productivity achievement that really added efficiency to our opening of several new offices

Michael Abreu IT Director • Physicians Central
Provo, UT

"Unbeatable Technical Service"
Besides being an absolute pleasure to work with, Vinix offers unbeatable technical service & pricing for organizations looking to switch to VoIP.

Alona Geysman Director • Jewish Federation of
Broward County, FL

"Vinix Made It Easy"
Vinix made it easy to connect our multiple leasing and management offices. We received six-figured quotes to do what Vinix did for a 10th of the price!

Scott Schoenlank President • Sawgrass Commerce Realty
- Sunrise, FL

"A Great Phone System and Service"
Great phone system and service all in one. Solutions that cost twice as much can only do half of the things Vinix can do. More than happy to recommend them.

Max Frater Admin • The Moving Group
- Boca Raton, FL

"Activation was painless!"
Vinix is amazing. I love that the activation was painless and the system's awesome design is so simple, we are able to manage it ourselves.

Amanda Wallace CEO • FVITH
- Los Angeles, CA

Vinix Channel Partner & Referral Program

The Vinix Referral Partner Program is a best-in-class affiliate program. We want our customers to have the best product experience and appreciate their business. We’re always working to provide the best service possible. Make sure that you are able to enjoy a long-term relationship with us.
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Vinix Developers

Integrate into your own platforms or build your own apps!

Everything within the Vinix platform is produced upon a stable REST API. You are creating your applications, and Vinix business communication services are easy to use and integrate. Vinix provides nationwide and international fiber coverage with over 130 carriers.

Dedicated Internet

Vinix provides a nationwide and international fiber foot print which includes over 200 carriers.

Vinix Dedicated Internet is a super fast, reliable, and secure private network solution. Perfect for wi-fi, Quality of Service, and secure VoIP communications services. We can help you get your business digital signal online with a dedicated internet connection.

Vinix Virtual eFax

Faxing doesn't need to be a hassle

With Vinix Virtual eFax, sending fax has never been easier. Simply send your document in PDF format to our network. We'll send the fax to you on behalf of your recipient. For the price of an email, you can send fax almost anywhere in the world!

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