Smarter Vinix Hardware

At Vinix, we help organizations streamline business operations
by providing scalable, reliable unified communications solutions.

Built for your business

Vinix hardware is designed to meet the demands of your business.
It’s easy to set up and you’ll be communicating in no time.

Simplify Voice Communication

Vinix hardware improves phone quality and reduces costs over our enterprise-grade VoIP network.

Easy System Management

Cloud-based management tools enhanced with remote support and powerful feature-rich capabilities.

Integration via

Advanced APIs allow for integrating an intuitive, consistent experience for users.

Vinix Mobile

Mobile app connectivity on iOS and Android

Elegant hardware with intuitive user experience in mind

Vinix Elegant hardware was engineered to enhance the user experience in your home or office.

Vinix has been built with the sole purpose of providing an elegant and intuitive user experience. Vinix Hardware is perfect for any environment, as its subtle design can fit anywhere from a modern office to a relaxing home. With Harman Kardon high quality speakers for incredible sound clarity, our devices were created for everyone.

Advanced and Attractive Features

Vinix has been designed to be easy to use and provides a seamless user experience.

HD Voice and Video

Vinix hardware allows you to make and receive crystal clear calls with the latest technology, including video calls. Our HD Voice and Video gives you an immersive experience, and is compatible with wide variety of handsets.

Call Park & Hold

Easily park calls to/from desk phones, softphones or a directory of users right on your PC screens, Free up desk lines & save time. Call Hold puts the caller on hold while you go back to your current call, letting you handle business while ensuring they aren’t put off or left waiting.

Blind and Attended Call Transfer

Blind and attended call transfer allows you to control calls transferred to a user, voicemail, mobile phone, alternate telephone number, and more.

Ready to Get Started?

Vinix Call Analytics helps you view your call data in a new light.